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Cute Artsy Things to Make for Your Room

As a freshman, my dorm room looked pretty bare. There was the standard board with some pictures and a poster, but that’s it. It was nice, sure, but it never really felt like home. I always thought that making things for my room would take too much time, but for me, I realized that it’s almost a stress reliever. It’s easy to make small amounts of time for dorm decorating, and if you like arts and crafts like me, it’ll be fun. Here are five dorm decorations that are fun to make and will spice up your room:


1. Make a poster with your favorite quote on it. This is actually something I did; I transcribed my favorite poem onto a poster with watercolor. To be honest, it’s not incredibly neat or beautiful, but it adds some character to my room and I like it. If you’re better with art, you’ll probably end up with something cute and personal.

2. String art. This one requires quite a bit of work! Basically, you can hammer nails into a wood board, and tie string around it in an ~aesthetic~ fashion. My friends and I substituted the wooden board and nails with a cork board and pins, and we hot glued any pins that didn’t seem sturdy enough.

3. Arrange pics of your friends in a cute way. If you’re looking for a low key but personal type of décor, this is for you. You could arrange the pictures in a heart, or hang pictures from strings around your room, or put them in a collage on a corkboard. Literally no matter what you do, it’ll look cute.

4. Jewelry display. Put a cork board up on your wall and stick some pins in it from which you can hang your jewelry. It’ll be pretty and functional!

5. Geometric décor with washi tape or stickers. Washi tape is pretty and easy to remove, so it’s perfect for décor! You can put it on your wall in a geometric design, or line your other décor with it. It’s also super easy to buy some geometric stickers from stores and that way you can just put them up without having to think too much about designs.

6. Or, geometric hangings. I saw this idea on a blog and really want to try it myself! All you need are straws, wires, and some spray paint. To make a cute geometric hanging. Check out a tutorial here: https://www.brit.co/geometric-mobile/

7. Wall displays or storage. Last but not least, it’s easy to make wall hangings or displays. If you have a sturdy box, you can stick it to your wall and display some pictures in it! Or, if you just have a cute bag, stick it to the wall for organization.



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