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Corinne Rockoff: Helping Others Achieve

Corinne Rockoff is the last student you’ll see suffering from senioritis. She’s been active in student organizations since freshman year and has been steadily moving up in the ranks since, taking on new leadership roles that let her explore everything she’s passionate about at CMU.

Corinne joined the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta as a junior, and one year later she’s the Greek Sing chair for her sorority and the secretary for Order of Omega, a National Greek Leadership Honor society for men and women in Greek life. Corinne was excited to help lead this chapter because “it encourages Greek men and women to act as role models for the community, and it’s a great resource for Greek students to connect and collaborate.” Additionally, she says the organization helps give notice to the fact that Greeks hold a lot of leadership positions on campus, especially in student government, where 3 out of 4 members in executive roles are involved in Greek life.

Corinne’s presence on campus doesn’t stop there. She’s involved with student senate as the Student Body Vice President of Organizations (SBVPO) and is a Highland Ambassador. You may also recognize her as the director of Scotch’n’Soda’s fall musical Bat Boy, or as a TA for various courses within her double major in Psychology and International Relations and Politics.

However, barely finding time to sit every day does take its toll. She says the biggest challenge with having such a busy schedule is balancing friends, schoolwork, clubs, and her average of 5 meetings per day. But obviously, she finds a way to understand and appreciate the rewarding aspects of a busy campus life

“Being able to help people accomplish their goals with clubs and in Greek life is a great feeling.”

After graduation, Corinne plans on attending law school and continuing to help others through her work in international law.

Colleen is a Creative Writing and Professional Writing double major at Carnegie Mellon University, and will be graduating in May 2014. She is currently the Director of Social Media for Her Campus CMU, and partakes in a handful of other organizations on campus. When she's not writing, she's probably reading or spending time with her residents as an RA in a freshman dorm.
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