Cool Valentine’s Day Candy

Candy is one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day. Not only candy, but cool and different candies, because the companies need to keep us interested. After all, who’s going to want to buy the same boring chocolate and Sweetarts every year? Well, tons of people (including me!) because candy is amazing, but still. It can be fun to try new things, so check out some of these cool Valentine’s Day specialties. Maybe you’ll see something you want to buy in a week when everything’s on sale!

The only man you need:


Chocolate hearts with honey marshmallow filling, yes please


Red velvet white chocolate truffles


Why not?$_1000x1000_$&$product=PartyCity/819190


Marshmallow French fries$_1000x1000_$&$product=PartyCity/819192


Pure decadence


For snacking in class


8-foot long giant gummy python


Lava cake in a Hershey’s Kiss, what more could you want?


Cute little chocolate lattes;0.0586xw,0.140xh&resize=768:*


A 27 pound gummy bear that you can fill with other gummy bears (not included, unfortunately).


Happy Valentine’s Day!