Comics About College

So we’re about a month into the semester. New students are starting to get the hang of things, and returning students are remembering how this all goes down. While lots of aspects of college can be difficult, from living on your own for the first time to managing the course load, there’s one definite upside: you have a whole new category of funny-but-true humor you can relate to! In the spirit of celebrating that humor, here are ten comics about college to brighten your week.


If only there was such honesty before buying the book.


It’s true, movie dorms are way too nice. And large.


The emotions of college in one easy chart.

This one that doesn’t go quite where you expect. And I guess it isn’t really about college, but still.


Always fun to do high school comparisons.


Another one on textbooks. Too real.


A nice definition.

Then of course there’s having to feed yourself.


Procrastination, the real enemy.


When your brain has a mind of its own.


Hopefully you found some of these funny and enjoyed this chance to view even your tough experiences with a slight humorous edge.