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CMU Carnival Alternatives

Many of us who go to Carnegie Mellon University know about the annual CMU Carnival held on campus in the spring. This is a highly enjoyable event and many people participate or enjoy the festivities, some of which do not even attend the university. You can see kids and adults enjoying carnival food and rides, watching the buggy races, or exploring the booths set up by various organizations on campus. However, sometimes when you're not interested in going to everything they have to offer, it can be a challenge to find alternative activities. While the booths are interesting and the rides fun, you can’t do everything especially if you have family visiting. Maybe you want to use that time to take a break from campus and explore Pittsburgh. Whatever it is there is something to do and I am here to offer a couple of ideas for next year. 

One thing you can do is visit some of the museums this city has to offer. There is the Phipps Conservatory filled with many beautiful and exquisite flowers. The Carnegie Science Center is a fun place to explore and learn more about ourselves and the world. There are many more centers to visit but these are my favorites.

The last piece of advice I have is to visit the cafes or resteraunts in the city. Try out as much good food as you can when you have the time. There are many great places on Forbes Avenue, in Shadyside, or even the Strip. Get some ice cream if the weather permits or try out some different smooties and coffee shops around the area. Trust me, it will be worth it.

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