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Christian Bruggeman

Name: Christian Bruggeman
Major: Entertainment Technology
Graduating Year: 2014
Hometown: Butler, PA
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Hobbies/Interests: Video games, reading, SCUBA diving, playing musical instruments (violin, French horn, percussion),
Favorite College Memory: Aside from meeting the girl of my dreams? That’d probably be the time I took leftover cupcakes door to door through the dorms during finals week.
Favorite Food: Homemade lasagna
Random Fact: I rode a roller coaster for 12 hours to raise money for its restoration. Twice.
Qualities you look for in a girl: Passionate about personal interests, empathetic, caring, and excited about life
Post-Graduation Goal: Making video games that defy the ordinary stereotypes 

Colleen is a Creative Writing and Professional Writing double major at Carnegie Mellon University, and will be graduating in May 2014. She is currently the Director of Social Media for Her Campus CMU, and partakes in a handful of other organizations on campus. When she's not writing, she's probably reading or spending time with her residents as an RA in a freshman dorm.
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