Campus Profile: Vaasavi Unnava


Many of you probably already know this wonderful human, but either way meet Vaasavi Unnava a junior Economics major. At CMU she is involved in Student Life, Student Senate, Moneythink and Counterpoint(#SopI).

Vaasavi is my CA at E-Tower and from the start I knew that she was one of those people who loves having meaningful conversations. Vaas is heavily involved in student life and says that is has been one of the most humbling experiences she has had. As a RA and a CA she wants to show people that she believes in them but also give them reasons to believe in themselves.

She was also a member of Moneythink, an organization that teaches youth about personal finance and financial literacy. Mentoring youth in the Homewood district in Pittsburgh showed her what is worth fighting and gave her an opportunity to engage in the Pittsburgh community.

After talking to Vaasavi, it was pretty clear that she is extremely passionate about community involvement. As a CA, she wants her residents to expose themselves to the city of Pittsburgh and to also get involved in campus events. She is also running for Student Body President and one of her biggest goals is creating more opportunities for CMU students to engage. She wants to create more ways for students to apply what they are learning to the real world and have them produce real social change. She is excited for all of the potential we have as students and as a community. 

In her free time, she loves watching TV (current favorites are Brooklyn 99, Archer and Arrow), and she also enjoys reading (her “classier hobby” as she puts it). Her favorite author is Oscar Wilde and her favorite book is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. If you ever see Vaasavi, have a conversation with her (I promise it’ll be worth it)!