Campus Profile: Toby Donoghue

Name: Toby Donoghue

Hometown: Sea Cliff, New York

Major: Art

Birthday: October 23rd

Year: Freshman

Involvement on Campus: SoundBytes Acapella, Allies Club, camping out in the studios in the basement of Doherty Hall


Favorite musical artist: Panic! At the Disco/ Florence and the Machine/ Adele

Pets: Six doggies!!! (Oldest to youngest: Mallory, Peyton, Becka, Ollie, Clyde, and Lucy)

Favorite art project ever done: Oh man that's hard...... I did a show my senior year of high school that was a collection of 20 pieces about physical and emotional armors and that was really fun and interesting. Since being at CMU my favorite project have been a welded steel bra and a large watercolor painting of a woman. 

Favorite snack food: Anything involving cheese

Hobbies and/or interests: Binge watching bad independent dramas on Netflix, pretending I'm Adele, ocean swimming

Childhood Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series

Favorite art medium: Mixed media/ found object sculpture

Celebrity Crush: Brendon Urie / Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Reality TV Show: America's Next Top Model and anything in the Bravo Real Housewives Saga 

Dream Car: A decked out razor scooter with glittery handlebar tassels

If you could learn one language, it would be: Icelandic

Favorite color:Black

Favorite mythological creature: MERMAID!!! (Except mermaids are real so idk if they count as mythological)

Pancakes or Waffles? Definitely waffles!

3 Fun Facts about yourself:

1) I'm a total choir dork. I've sung classical music in over 15 languages and been to like 6 national choir conventions.

2) My mom and I have matching tattoos on our wrists. It signifies how we give each other strength and are always each other's motivation even when we are apart.

3) I'm obsessed with the little mermaid to the point where I have vinyl records of the soundtrack, had little mermaid themed birthday decorations for my 17th birthday, been Ariel for Halloween four times, and named my car Ariel. Anything involving mermaids just instantly makes me happy and turns me into a child