Campus Profile: Shubangi Bhotika

Every freshman comes into CMU passionate about at least one thing. Shubangi Bhotika is a freshman who is driven by her passion, making her mark in whatever community she is a part of simply through her presence.

She is a part of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Undergraduate Student Senate and WRCT, the college radio station. As someone who is not afraid to speak her mind, the Academic Affairs Committee gives Shubangi the perfect opportunity to voice her opinions on a lot of different topics from diversity to mental health. Meanwhile WRCT is a more relaxing environment where she can be in her element and listen to music. Even without WRCT, you can often see her making connections just through music, being able to gauge what sort of music others like and giving them top recommendations.

As an Information Systems major interested in the merging of a computer science and business, there is plenty of work on Shubangi’s plate but she still finds different ways to relax. From writing poetry to meditation (which she just got into and highly recommends), she finds different channels to spread her amazing energy. If the day isn’t too cold, you can catch her heading out into Pittsburgh to explore downtown and discover new places that can satisfy her sweet tooth.

 If you don’t know her already, then I suggest striking up a conversation with this wonderful human being. Even if you don’t do any of the activities above, she will still find a way to connect with you and in turn you’ll find a friend who will encourage you to cultivate your passions the same way she does.