Campus Profile : Makenzie Donaldson

Name: Makenzie Donaldson

Hometown: Clarksburg, MD

Major: Ethics, History & Public Policy (maybe?)

Birthday: September 6th

Year: Freshman

Involvement on Campus: High School Ambassador, Her Campus, Morale leader for Stever 5th floor girls

Favorite musical artist: Bruce Springsteen/ Adele/ Backstreet Boys

Pets: 2 dogs; a bichon frise named Vanilla and a terrier mutt- Chelsie

Favorite snack food: Popcorn or Doritos

Hobbies and/or interests: Reading, writing, sleeping, binge watching Netflix (though I would classify that more as a skill than an interest)

Childhood favorite book: Ice Cream Bear

What you would want as your last meal: My family’s famous Spaghetti & Meatballs

Favorite thing about CMU: The passion and collaboration of all the people

Favorite place you’ve ever been: Ireland or Croatia

Favorite throw back song? Toxic by Brittney

Celebrity Crush: Justin Trudeau / Air Bud

If you could learn one language, it would be: German

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie: High School Musical 2 or Pixel Perfect

Pancakes or Waffles? Waffles over pancakes. My dad’s chocolate chip pancakes over everything

3 Fun Facts about yourself:

·         My parents made me a blue M&M for Halloween every year until I was 7.

·         I sleep with my Koala PillowPet every night.

·         I watch more reality tv than is probably healthy.