Campus Profile: Feyi Q(ueen)uadri

It goes without saying that Carnegie Mellon University’s architecture majors are a rare species. With all of their busy work, “archies” are usually never found outside of the studio. While most of these architecture students were buried beneath drawings and models (and we don’t blame them!), we found one archie who, in spite of the time consuming work that is requisite of her major, has found her way out of the studio and onto the stage.

Her name is Feyi Quadri. Both a hard-working student and a fierce performer, Feyi is in her final semester at CMU. On a typical weekday, Feyi will spend the majority of her day in studio. There, she forms her concepts, produces models and drawings for critique, and works on perfecting her portfolio. The greatest part, she says, is seeing the finished product. “The time I put into my projects is so worth it when I see the end result. It’s a great feeling,” she explained. 

So how does someone like Feyi make time for anything else? Feyi believes in chasing after her passions. She began cheerleading and coaching as a young girl, and starred in a few drama performances in middle school. She also performed liturgical dance at her local church, and began her hip-hop career during her freshman year of college. “It’s also a great way of relieving stress! It’s nice knowing that you can escape your worries or your struggles with an extracurricular.” She is a Lunar Gala model and member of SoulStylz, Dancers’ Symposium, and the Spirit Dance Crew. Along with being a member of various architect organizations, Feyi also works as a Desk Attendant, Choreographer, Orientation Counselor (OC), and Teacher’s Assistant (TA). 

But don’t make the mistake of confining her to architecture or dance. Feyi is not simply a dedicated student or a superstar on stage. She is also a kind daughter, beloved older sister, and an amazing friend. “Feyi is one of the most loving, fierce, inspirational, and all around good people I know!” exclaimed Sabrina Estudillo, Feyi’s best friend. James Harvey, another one of Feyi’s many close friends, considers her to be “one of the most caring people” he knows. “She puts her friends first, even before herself sometimes.” Many will agree that Feyi is not only humble, but one of the friendliest people you will meet on campus. Don’t be surprised if she tackles you in one of her famous bear hugs!

“I wouldn’t have had the same experience without my SPIRIT family and the friends I’ve made in all the various organizations I took part in,” she said. “The people I chose to surround myself with have made all the difference in my CMU experience, and I am truly thankful for them,” she stated.

Thank YOU Feyi! Thanks for being your amazing self, and for surrounding us with your friendship and love. Happy trails and God bless you in all you do!

Random Facts:

Height: 5’1

Favorite color: Lavender

Favorite food: Tacos

Current song on repeat: Did I – Kehlani

Go-to outfit: Beanie, sweater or t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers or boots

Favorite pair of shoes: Burgundy platform booties

Movie date or a restaurant date? Restaurant date definitely. I LOVE food!

What is your ideal man like? I would love someone who has a relationship with God, has some type of artistic passion of any kind, is a fan of comedies, and isn't afraid of spontaneity. I would want both of us to better each other intellectually and to compliment each other's strengths.

Cardigan chick or hoodie gal? I have more hoodies, but I'm definitely a cardigan chick.

I live by the quote: "The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is yourself. "