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Campus Profile – Avishi Malaviya

After what seemed like years of begging, freshman Avishi Malaviya grudgingly agreed to answer my questions about her and her life. Though this may lead you to believe she’s pretty secretive, she was really just trying to avoid answering one question (which I of course asked her later on). Here are some key facts about this amazing CMU student:

Name: Avishi Malaviya

Major: Chem E/BME

Home town: South Brunswick, NJ

Favorite thing about CMU: the people

If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to: Italy, because she read a magic tree house book when she was in like 3rd grade and ever since then she has wanted to go.

What cheers her up when she is down: talking to her sister

What makes her the happiest: food

The question she hates to answer: What are your hobbies?

Her hobbies: running, painting nails, hula hooping

Hidden talents: She is double jointed on her thumbs, she can separate her toes at will, and she can wiggle her ears. She also wanted everyone to know she is flexible.

A weird situation she has been in: Once, a dog ran into a beehive and then all the bees started chasing her and her cousins. She got stung four times.

Something nobody at CMU knows about her: She failed the road test 4 times and all of her town knew about this, so the fourth time there was a lot of pressure on her to not fail. When she passed her friends took her out to dinner and she received many congratulations from pretty much everybody.

Avishi can be often be found on campus eating saltine crackers in the Underground; next time you see her don’t hesitate to say hi!!

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