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Campus Cutie: Ryan Sickles ’17

Name: Ryan Sickles

Hometown: Needham, MA

Major: Information Systems

Year: 2017

Hobbies/ interests:  Yachting and Sigma Chi

Ideal Date Spot: Candle lit dinners at the Olive Garden

Celebrity Crush: The Kardashians.

Favorite TV Show: Flavor of Love: Starring Flavor Flav

Favorite music: Country and Meek Mills

Favorite thing about CMU: The police (they keep me safe)

Favorite CMU Memory: I went to a party once and saw a girl…that was cool I guess.

Qualities you look for in a girl: Energetic, kind, always down to have fun, adventurous


Hello! I am a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying creative and professional writing. So far, Pittsburgh has been an adventure, and as a Philadelphia native, I love to explore new cities. I also enjoy reading (anything from Cosmo to the best seller on the New York Time's list), shopping and drinking coffee (they're more of an addiction) and spending time with my friends and family. In a few years, I hope to be in a European city working on an award winning screenplay, but grad-school would be fine too.
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