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Campus Cutie: Paul Kioko ‘16

Name: Paul Kioko

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 2016


Involvement on Campus: Pi Kappa Alpha, Student Senate, NSBE, 1000 Plus

Hobbies/ Interests: Religious Soccer fan, Manchester United, Dancing, Traveling, Politics, House music, 

Ideal Date Spot: A place that neither of us has been to + want to go to = Ideal Date Spot

Favorite Cuisine: My Mom’s cooking. 

Favorite Movie: This is hard there’s too many, A tie between Inception, The Illusionist & The prestige

Favorite Thing About CMU: The people/ without the student that CMU accepts this would be a very different place.

Favorite CMU Memory: There are many and hopefully many more but so far winning Greek Sing when Pike performed with DG. 

Fun Facts About yourself: I cry when I laugh, Can speak Kiswahili, Attended boarding school starting in the third grade. 

Qualities you look for in a girl: Spontaneous, Confident, Intelligent, most importantly laughs at my jokes. 

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