Campus Cutie: Jenni Genie Jung

Name: Jenni Genie Jung

Year: Junior

Major: Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Relationship Status: Single

Activities: I rep ASA and SASE all day everyday!

What is your absolutely favorite place to eat around Pittsburgh? Oishii Bento

What is your favorite season of the year and why? Winter, because I love Christmas!

What are some characteristics you look for in your ideal man? Makes me laugh and has a cute smile

Where would you take your significant other on a date? Chipotle

What is your idea of a dream vacation? Going to Korea to eat all the good food there J

What is your most embarrassing memory on campus? In April, I fell on the round stairs in the UC and sprained my ankle….

How many piercings do you have? Two, one in each ear!

What is one food you cannot live without? Chicken McNuggets

Are you a sweatshirt chick, or a cardigan gal? Sweatshirt chick

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise

Funny or scary movies? Funny

Favorite iced drink? Iced coffee, black!

All time favorite sports team? Washington Nationals!!!

What are your plans after you graduate? Move back to DC!