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Campus Cutie, Engaged!

Sarah Grey is a student here at CMU.  She will graduate in 2011 with a degree in International Relations.  Her fiancé, Matthew, attends Case Western Reserve University.  He will also graduate in 2011, and is majoring in both Computer and Cognitive Science.
Names: Sarah Grey Hall and Matthew McCroskey
Hometown:Birmingham, AL
Relationship Status: Engaged
How long have you known each other?
We have known each other for about 7 years, and we have been dating for 5 and-a-half years.
How did you meet?
We were both in high school band together (It’s nerdy, I know), but we didn’t get to know each other really well until we were involved in my high school’s production of West Side Story together at the end of my sophomore year and his junior year. He acted in the show, and I was in the pit orchestra. That’s when we started hanging out, and we started dating about a month later.
How did Matthew propose?
He surprised me this Christmas with a trip to San Francisco. We were out there for 4 days and had a ton of fun because we both love traveling and exploring new places. The day before we left was New Year’s Eve. That morning we rented a car and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. We spent the day exploring the town of Sausalito and seeing the giant redwood trees in Muir Woods. On our way back, we drove up to the Marin Headlands, which are cliffs that have beautiful views of the bridge and the bay area. As we were standing there enjoying the view, Matthew got down on one knee and proposed!  After he finished, I looked behind him and saw our families running towards us. They had secretly flown out there so that they could celebrate with us. We spent our New Year’s Eve night with our families at the San Francisco Symphony’s masquerade ball.

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