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Campus Cutie: Emma Shi ’18

Name: Emma Shi

Hometown: Penfield, NY

Major: Undecided

Year: 2018 (freshman)

Involvement on Campus: CMU Varsity Swimming and Diving, Her Campus, Tartan Athletic Fellowship


Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies/ Interests: Shopping, eating, swimming, music, doodling, downhill skiing, traveling, Pinterest-ing, Sharpies, and more shopping

Relationship Status: “All the (single) ladies”

Ideal Date Spot: Walking through the streets of Times Square in NYC at night.

Favorite Cuisine: Italian? Chinese? I’m just gonna go with French fries.

Celebrity Crush: Andrew Garfield

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Book: The Night Circus by Ellen Morgenstern

Favorite Movie: The Godfather (I and II)

Favorite Music: Current favorites are John Mayer and Cazzette (I have a very wide range in terms of musical taste).

Favorite Thing About CMU: Dipping a chocolate chip cookie into my hot chocolate from La Prima and eating it (by far my best idea ever)

Choose a Superpower: Shape shifting

Fun Fact(s): I have perfect pitch. I have double jointed elbows. I once fell off of a cliff at Mammoth Mountain (Lake Tahoe) on an expert ski trail (but don’t worry, I’m still here!). I am about 16.5 years older than my youngest sibling.

3 words to describe yourself: Laid-back, trustworthy, and fabulous.

Qualities you look for in a girl/guy: Loyal, trustworthy, similar sense of humor, down-to-earth, mature, attractive, and honest. Also having a signature cologne doesn’t hurt.

Choose three people to have dinner with – one living, one dead, and one fictional: Emma Stone, Audrey Hepburn, and Jay Gatsby

Best Pick-Up Line: Out of ten, you’re a 9 and I’m the 1 you need (*CRINGE*)

Kim Hochstedler is a freshmen at Carnegie Mellon University studying statistics. When not writing for Her Campus, you can catch Kim at the pool training with the varsity swim team, eating 10,000 calorie meals, or online shopping. If her career aspirations as a tattoo artist don't pan out, Kim hopes to become a pediatric oncologist. You can follow her attempts at photography on Instagram @kimhochstedler or help her become twitter-famous #kimh.
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