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Campus Celebrity: Juliet Mullan, Greek Sing Star

If you attended Greek Sing this year, or even heard your friends talking about it, you’ve probably heard Juliet Mullan’s name come up in conversation.  Juliet is a freshman Electrical and Computer Engineering major, as well as a new sister of Alpha Phi Fraternity.  But she didn’t skip a beat once she joined – after only six months of being an initiated sister, Juliet made a grand entrance as one of the leads in Alpha Phi and Phi Delta Theta’s Greek Sing performance, “Bring It On:  The Musical” last month.

Alpha Phi and Phi Delta Theta’s performance was a musical adaptation of the movie “Bring It On” that the two organizations performed at Soldiers and Sailor’s Memorial on Saturday, March 22nd.  Juliet’s character’s name was Torrance – at the beginning of the show she is transferred to Jackson High School where she meets Twig and Randall (played by Phi Delt’s Ryan LaBarbera and JR Marshall) on her first day as she tries to find someone to show her the ropes.  Torrance is a cheerleader, but Jackson doesn’t have a cheer squad.  After convincing the dance team’s Queen Bee, Danielle (played by Vanessa Frank) that cheerleading is worth the pompoms and frills, they build a squad together and end up at the national competition.

Juliet’s favorite thing about Greek Sing was the scene where Torrance tries to convince Danielle to start a cheer squad by tumbling across the stage in an epic show of gymnastics.  “I was never much of a gymnast,” Juliet claims, “so I had a stunt double!  Kristina Schiffhauer tumbled across the stage while I ran behind the sets to get to the other side – it was absolutely hysterical.” 

While Greek Sing was a ton of fun, it also presented its fair share of challenges for Juliet and the rest of the cast.  The young star admits that she’s never done anything “theater-y” before.  “I sang in the church choir for a good ten years, but I hadn’t acted or really performed before,” Juliet says.  No one would have guessed this about the singer after watching her dazzling performance at the competition – she was totally flawless! 

Juliet couldn’t have pulled off her dazzling performance without the help of all the people involved in Greek Sing.  She especially wants to thank choreographer and Greek Sing Chair Kayla Heglas, as well as playwright Vanessa Frank, for being so patient and helpful.  She also wants to thank Phi Delta Theta’s Greek Sing Chairs JR Marshall, Ryan LaBarbera and Nitsan Shai for all of their hard work and talent.  Finally, she wants to thank everyone else involved in the performance’s success, including philanthropy chairs, costume designers, the ensemble and the set builders.  “You all rock, and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you!” she says.  

Although the weeks leading up to the performance required a considerable amount of time, effort, and dedication, Juliet has no doubt that she’ll be participating in Greek Sing again next year.  “I’m hooked on Greek Sing,” she says, “You couldn’t keep me away if you tried!”  Until then, we’ll all be looking forward to another stunning performance by Juliet and the rest of Alpha Phi at next year’s competition. We definitely haven’t seen the last of this girl! Check out her performance at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYY6rjXZtxY.

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