The Best Milkshake at CMU

              Ah, the eternal CMU debate – where has better milkshakes, The Underground or The Carnegie Mellon Café? The debate can polarize people, but I finally put that question to the test this week to figure out, once and for all, which one makes the better milkshakes. To keep everything fair, I got the chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream from each.

                            Taste – 9

              The Underground’s milkshake was definitely the more flavorful of the two, and I have to give it props for also having that rich brown chocolate color that shows you have an extra chocolatey milkshake on your hands.

                             Texture – 5

              The Underground milkshakes definitely have a waterier texture, especially once it melts a little, so I had to deduct some points.

                             Efficiency – 3

              It took a very long time to get my milkshake compared to the rest of my meal. I had almost finished eating by the time it was done!

                             TOTAL SCORE – 17


                             Taste – 4

              The taste of the milkshake from the Carnegie Mellon Café was pretty watery and icy, with little strong chocolate flavor, especially when compared to the milkshake from The Underground.

                             Texture – 8

              Carnegie Mellon Café’s milkshake has a thick creamy texture, and there’s a good amount of whipped cream put on top for good measure!

                             Efficiency – 6

              I got my milkshake in a couple of minutes and could actually watch them making it in the kitchen, so I could see how far along it was.

                             TOTAL SCORE – 18


              After a thorough evaluation, they both seem pretty good! Since the scores were so close together, I’ll have to call this one a tie. I guess the only way to pick the best milkshake on campus is try them for yourself and see which one you like better!