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The Best of the Burgh: Restaurants Edition

Let’s face it: we can’t live on the meal plan forever. Luckily, Pittsburgh is home to a wide variety of unique eateries just steps away from CMU’s campus. Sure, Pamela’s, the Porch, and Primanti Bros. have their place, but if you’re looking for somewhere new to eat, give these lesser known restaurants a try.

Marty’s Market: Situated in the Strip District, Marty’s Market is a one-stop food paradise. Stop in for a delightful breakfast or brunch highlighting fresh food from regional suppliers. The restaurant also boasts a full coffee bar and market center devoted to selling locally grown fare.

Mercurio’s: Mercurio’s is not your typical pizza shop. The family-owned shadyside eatery features artisan Neapolitan pizza and over 200 flavors of homemade gelato. Drop by for a traditional pizza napoletana for lunch and finish off with their unique blueberry muffin flavored or mulberry cream gelato. You can be sure your meal is authentic, too – the head chef is a certified Neapolitan pizza maker by the Italian government!

Noodlehead: From the street markets of Thailand to Highland Avenue in Pittsburgh, Noodlehead serves up authentic and delicious noodle dishes. The restaurant has a casual and comfortable atmosphere perfect for a dinner with friends. It is inexpensive and cash-only, but don’t let that deter you! Noodlehead’s fare is anything but simple. Choose from their menu of Thai staples and make them your own by choosing how spicy you want your food. Can you handle spice level 5? Visit Noodlehead to find out.

Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee: Venture down the street from Noodlehead for a quick and quirky dessert at Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee. Take one look around and you know you’re not in a typical ice cream shop. The storefront resembles a humble antique store, and the inner walls are adorned with streetsigns and knick-knacks galore. The menu is just as unique as the atmosphere. Experiment with their special flavors and mix-ins. Ever wanted to try squirrel meat, bee pollen, or love in your ice cream? At Oh Yeah! they do it everyday. 

Kim Hochstedler is a freshmen at Carnegie Mellon University studying statistics. When not writing for Her Campus, you can catch Kim at the pool training with the varsity swim team, eating 10,000 calorie meals, or online shopping. If her career aspirations as a tattoo artist don't pan out, Kim hopes to become a pediatric oncologist. You can follow her attempts at photography on Instagram @kimhochstedler or help her become twitter-famous #kimh.
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