Additional Oscar Categories, and the 2018 Movies that Should Win Them

The Academy Awards are coming up, also known as the time where I lie about having seen the Best Picture nominees. It’s also the time when some movies have to face the fact that they’ll never receive an Oscar. But what if they could? I would like to propose ten new Oscar categories, and the movies that should win them. 


  1. The Oscar for “Best Romcom” goes to…To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before![email protected]_V1_.jpg


  1. The Oscar for “Best Movie to Nap Through” goes to…The Grinch![email protected]._V1_.jpg


  1. The Oscar for “Best Cate Blanchett in a Suit Scene” goes to…A Simple Favor!


  1. The Oscar for “Best Combination of Secondhand Embarrassment and Nostalgia” goes to…Eighth Grade!


  1. The Oscar for “Movie That’s Not Technically a Good Movie, but It’s Still a Good Movie, You Know?” goes to…Venom!


  1. The Oscar for “Most Memes Out of Nowhere” goes to…Bird Box!


  1. The Oscar for “Best Scene Where Someone Almost Gets Crushed by a Bell à la Ernesto de la Cruz” goes to…Aquaman!


  1. The Oscar for “Title That Made Me Double Take on Imdb” goes to…The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot![email protected]_V1_.jpg


  1. The Oscar for “Best CGI to Cover Up the Fact That a Main Character’s Arms Are Broken” goes to…Tag!


  1. The Oscar for “Dear God If We Give You an Award Will You Stop Making These Movies, Please, I’m Begging You” goes to…Fifty Shades Freed!


And of course, the Oscar for “Best Oscar-related HerCampus article” goes to…this article! Thank you so much, I’m honored. I’d like to thank the academy, my parents, and that cute squirrel I saw while walking home from class the other day.