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The 7 Stages of Studying in College – Freshman Edition

The transition from being a senior in high school to a freshman in college is a big one, and it isn’t made easier by the fact that you get a never-ending stack of homework as soon as you start college. These are the seven stages that every college freshman can relate to when it comes to studying.

1. You’ve gathered all your materials and you’re ready to start working

2. You start to glance at your phone and look through social media, but get back to work after a few minutes of surfing social media

3. You’re hard at work…until your eyes start to wander and you look for any excuse to take a break, but you always get back to work

4. It’s midnight and you’ve been in work mode for a while, with no signs of slowing down

5. Your eyes start to droop every now and then, but you keep drinking your coffee to stay awake and power through

6. You’re so close to giving up, but you chug another energy drink and keep going.

7. It’s four in the morning, your eyes are burning, your hands are cramped, and you don’t know how you’re awake…but your homework is done and that’s all that matters.

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