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5 Things To Do Before The Semester Ends

1. Book your flights/trains/busses

Start booking your tickets, not just for when you’re moving out, but for your other summer plans as well! Travel prices spike around the end of May and stay high for the rest of the summer, so don’t blow your budget on tickets when you could be using it for other summer fun.

2. Explore a new place

Whether it’s a restaurant you’ve been dying to try or a neighborhood you’ve never been to, go explore the city before you leave for the summer. We’re all too preoccupied with school throughout the year to take out the time to try something new, but there’s so much in the city that we haven’t experienced. It’s also the perfect opportunity to gather up with your friends and hang out before the semester ends!

3. Say things you’ve wanted to say

Aka ask out that cutie. It’s the end of the semester—you’re not going to see these people for three months. If it turns out well, then great! If it doesn’t, by the time you see him again he probably won’t even think much of it. Do you really want to spend the entire summer thinking about what could have happened?

4. Don’t slack off

Summer is just three weeks away and the weather’s finally getting sunny and warm, but   that doesn’t mean you can forget about your projects and finals! It’s so easy to slack off at this time of the year, but these last few assignments and exams can make or break your grades. Stay on top!


After two semesters of hard work plus a long, cold winter, you earned it. Whether you’re going back home or somewhere new, don’t forget to give time to yourself and enjoy it. Soak up the sun, have some quality time with the people you love, try out new things, and refuel yourself before the next semester starts. Enjoy yourself!

San Francisco born and raised Sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University Kappa Kappa Gamma
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