5 Ideas For Singles during Cuffing Season

It's that dreaded time of the year again for singles. The myriad of pink and red greeting cards and Ferrero Rocher boxes at Rite Aid scream all too loudly! Now if you're flying solo this holiday, you don't have to despise the 14th of February, and all the couples around you everyday. Why? Because solo is the new red. That's right. You can have yourself a merry season. All. By. Yourself. So for all you single ladies out there, here are some ways you can enjoy yourself as a single lady. 

Dinner for One Please! 

Treat yourself for a night in and order some takeout. Grubhub some Thai food, grab your laptop, and Netflix through the night. One of my current favorites right now is How to Get Away With Murder. But be careful not to watch something too scary - or you'll be wishing you weren't so single and alone!

Shop Till You Drop

Ladies there is nothing we do better alone than to shop. You know it, I know it, and all the other shoppers out there know it. You can physically go to the store, or you can even shop online from the comfort of your room. Go ahead and treat yourself to those jeans you've been eyeing or those lace-up booties that have been on your wishlist. You deserve it!

Break a Sweat

Spring is approaching, which means you'll be putting away your jumper and putting on your shorts in no time. Take advantage of this one night when you are free of plans, and attend a Group-X class or go for a run outside. Break a sweat in those running shoes you've put on only twice this semester, and treat your body right! 

Go out and Venture!

We all know you've been busy coding for 112 or doing your Calc 3D homework. Take some time off for yourself and get off campus for a while. Visit the museums that we all have access to: Andy Warhol Museum, and Carnegie Museum of Art. You can also visit the National Aviary or tour the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Hike up Mt. Washington, or even explore the different districts that you never really had time for during your time at CMU. 

Open up a Book!

It's time to open up your copy of Wuthering Heights or your favorite Tim Keller read that's been collecting dust on the corner of your shelf. You've been so busy reading textbooks and practice exams that you never really had time to read for your own pleasure. Put on your jammies and some fuzzy socks, and open up that book you've always meant to read. 

See, Cuffing Season isn't just  for couples. It's for singles too. It's just another season that you have to get through. You might as well enjoy it :-).