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3 WOC led Shows You Need to Binge Watch

1) Girlfriends

Girlfriends ran from 2000 to 2008, and it was one of those shows that managed to touch upon every subject that could plague black women. Every episode was funny, but still managed to instill lessons on friendship, love, sex, and everything in between by the time it was over. Girlfriends may have ended its run almost a decade ago, but so much of what the show discussed is still relevant today. It touched upon topics that many shows today wouldn’t dare to talk about for fear of controversy, and it is definitely worth a night of binge watching.


2) The Mindy Project

Although the Mindy project is a fabulous show with a hilarious Indian woman at its helm–still a rare feat this day in age–it is set to be cancelled after its sixth season. Despite this sad news, The Mindy Project will live on as one that never failed to keep its audience hooked. The show is light and fun, but every episode still manages to draw you in with its humor, drama and eclectic supporting cast. The Mindy Project is the type of show you can watch with your girls on a lazy Sunday afternoon or late at night when everyone is in need of a good laugh and a good time.


3) Scandal

Scandal is one of the wildest and most dramatic political shows out there. When most people think of political shows, they do not usually think of “intense drama,” but that is exactly what Scandal is all about. Shonda Rhimes managed to take the simple premise of “a former White House aide hooks up with the president,” and turn it into a wild ride stuffed to the brim with drama, romance, backstabbing; and most importantly, scandal. With Kerry Washington running the show as Olivia Pope, a tough, smart and powerful black woman not afraid to go after what she wants, Scandal has a spark that has kept its viewers on the edge of their seats for six seasons. If you want a show that incites jaw dropping and yelling at the screen episode after episode, this is the show for you.


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