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Because honestly, we could all use a little more Bob in our lives.



1. “This fan brush is a fantastic little piece of equipment. Practice with it, use it, make friends with it. It’ll do things for you that you wouldn’t believe.” (S1, EP12)



2. “I like to fish but I’m not a good fisherman. I catch a little fish and take the hook carefully out of his mouth and put a little band-aid on him, little CPR, pat him on the toot toot, and put him back in the water, go back, catch him another day.” (S29, E1)



3.  “This is Peapod, my little pocket squirrel. He’s been with me a long time. But isn’t he precious?” (S31, E2)


I'm a lover of writing, art and music. I'm always down for a chat, and love listening to people tell their stories.
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