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Lots of people attest to knowing someone’s personality from their Zodiac signs. There are ideas about dating compatibility, general traits, and even your preferences for colors or objects. But one thing about this personality generalization that can actually be fun are the ‘aesthetics’ of each sign, or the general mood and look that is associated with them. Everyone has their own, but I made my own personal takes on them into mood boards using www.canva.com.



Color: Red

Objects: Sparklers, Glass, Neon Signs

Key words for Aries are excitement, protection, loyalty, and independence.


Color: Earth Tones

Objects: Wood Grain, Hiking, Rustic Objects

Key words for Taurus are directivity, stubbornness, energy, and procrastination.




Color: Orange

Objects: Candy, Clouds, Polka Dots

Key words for Gemini are change, mutability, emotion, and talkatively.



Color: Gray

Objects: Marble, Beaches, Seafoam

Key words for Cancer are security, stability, unpredictability, and comfort.



Color: Yellow

Objects: Flowers, Gold, Baroque Decor

Key words for Leo are devotion, perfection, confidence, and forgiveness.



Color: White

Objects: Paper, Work Supplies, Minimalism,

Key words for Virgo are analysis, productivity, focus, and organization.



Color: Green

Objects: Statues, Hallways, School

Key words for Libra are balance, effort, diplomacy, and ambition.



Color: Black

Objects: Chess, Cathedrals, Playing Cards

Key words for Scorpio are strategy, success, preparation, and intensity.


Color: Teal

Objects: Parties, Lights, Neon Signs

Key words for Sagittarius are positivity, vibrancy, curiosity, and recklessness.




Color: Indigo

Objects: Gemstones, Space, Deep Sea

Key words for Capricorn are exceptionalism, struggle, competition, and control.




Color: Blue

Objects: Ribbons, Water, Shadows

Key words for Aquarius are sensitivity, idealism, love, and opportunity.




Color: Pink

Objects: Divination, Roses, Affirmations

Key words for Pisces are empathy, sensitivity, reservation, and intuition



            Do you think your aesthetic matches your zodiac signs? Have any other ideas for zodiac mood boards? Head over to Canva and make your own, and share them down below!





Sarah is a freshman studying Theatrical Design and Production at Carnegie Mellon University. One day she hopes to design costumes for Star Wars and Marvel films or television programs, but for now you can find her in her free time hanging out in her dorm drawing or watching TV, trying out a new mug cake recipe, or reading her latest National Geographic issue. You can follow her on Instagram at @theocqueen to see all her latest doodles and sketches.
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