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John Rizzo ’15

John Rizzo, Freshman Claremont McKenna College

 Graduation Year: 2015
Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon
Major: Science and Management
Relationship Status: In a relationship 
Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston. I like that she has that girl next-door vibe, innocent yet sexy.
Career Goal: I would like to make it to the Major Leagues in Baseball. I would like to create a lifestyle for my family and I in which we are very comfortable.
Favorite Part About Being a Stag: I love how Claremont McKenna College has outstanding academics, while allowing for us to still be kids.
Campus Activities: Varsity Football and Baseball
Favorite Music: I really enjoy listening to classic rock, specifically The Eagles. My favorite song is “Hotel California.” I am not a huge rap fan; I generally just stick to the classics. 
Favorite Movie: Sandlot is a classic, but a close second is Inception .

Role Model in Life: My role model is Derek Jeter because he conducts himself in a very businesslike fashion yet knows how to get the job done the best way he can. I feel he does a great job of leading by example.

What characteristics do you look for in a girl? I like a girl who is smart, athletic, has a great sense of humor, tall, very compassionate and loving.

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