Your Next Podcast Obsession: And That's Why We Drink

Do you like true crime? Do you like spooky stories? Do you enjoy the occasional milkshake and/or boozy beverage? Then you’re going to love this next podcast we’ve got for you. The brainchild of Em Schulz and Christine SheifferAnd That’s Why We Drink, takes you on a creepy journey like no other.

With hysterical tangents, a dog named Giovanni, and plenty of boxed wine, this podcast will definitely keep you entertained. And with more than 100 regular episodes and 26 listener episodes, there’s plenty of content to binge!

Each episode starts with the hosts discussing why they drink for the week, usually something relatable and hilarious. Then they begin with Em, who delves into the supernatural including everything from ghost stories to conspiracy theories to alien abductions. Next is Christine, who picks (and takes requests!) some of the wildest true crime and murder stories you’ll ever hear. And in the newer episodes, they end with a “horror-scope” for their criminals of choice…or for the adorable Gio if the criminal is a little too dark, even for them.

I’ve been listening to ATWWD for about a year now, and it’s always the podcast I’m most excited to listen to. The hosts are relatable, the content is interesting, and if anyone wants to buy a ticket to a live show for me, you’d honestly be my favorite person. I listen to the episodes while I clean or workout or do research, and I don’t even notice the time going by! If you need a new podcast, seriously, look no further. This is all you need.

And maybe some boxed wine.