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Why Your Size Shouldn’t Tell You Anything

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.

As women, many of us tend to judge ourselves based on the size that the tag of our pants reads. This is not necessarily on purpose. We’ve been conditioned to think that the “perfect body” is small and has just the right amount of curves and wears a size 00. We also tend to get angry at ourselves when we try on a piece of clothing that is usually “our size” and it doesn’t fit.

I have been feeling less than great about my body lately, especially after a few recent clothing purchases. But then I thought: why? Why am I letting a number on a tag dictate how I feel about myself?

I’m here to tell you that sizing is complete trash. The tag on your clothing doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t say anything about who you are. So that you can understand that clothing size is a myth and shouldn’t stress you out, I tried on a bunch of my clothes in various sizes. The results actually amazed me.


Every outfit that I tried on includes pieces that I wear on a regular basis, and all of these pictures were taken on the same day.

Tank top: Small

Shorts: 9


Tank top: Small

Shorts: 7


Sweater: X-Small

Jeans: 5


Dress: Large


Dress: Medium

Dress: X-Small


Dress: 10

Top: 6

Pants: 8/10


Top: Large

Shorts: 4


Top: Medium

Pants: 2


Dress: Medium

Leggings: “One Size Fits All”

See what I mean? Sizing doesn’t mean anything. In the pictures above I wear anything from an x-small to a large, and a 2 to a 10. Therefore, you absolutely cannot judge yourself based on a clothing tag. You cannot judge yourself based on the size that a corporation thinks you should be. You cannot judge yourself based on your size. Your clothing size doesn’t matter, you do. And here’s my advice: don’t purchase something if it’s too small or too big just because you think it’s the size you’re supposed to wear. Buy what makes YOU feel beautiful.

My name is Carly McRae and I'm a junior at Clemson University. I'm studying Secondary Education with an emphasis in English and am in denial that I'm more than halfway done with school. I'm a member of TakeNote, our female a cappella group, Clemson University Singers, as well as the Beta Kappa chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. I love being a Clemson tiger and am so excited to be writing for Her Campus!
Caitlin Barkley is currently a senior at Clemson University pursuing a degree in both Biology and Psychology. In 2016-2017, she served as the Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Clemson after joining her freshman year. She is also an ambassador with the Calhoun Honors College, a teacher with Clemson Dancers, and a member of Tiger Strut Dance Company. Caitlin is a colonizing member of the South Carolina Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi, and she serves as the current Chapter President. A few of her favorite things include coffee, her Clemson ring, and fuzzy blankets! Follow her on Instagram @c_barkley19