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I absolutely LOVE the outdoors. The beautiful colors, the feeling you get when a breeze tickles the back of your neck, and the beautiful scenery, I love it all! In fact, I love it so much that I brought some of the outdoors inside my house; it was the best decision EVER! I bought my first four succulents from the grocery store and they were all a little different in shape and color. Two stood about 6 inches tall and the others were smaller and rounder. They each came in a pot that was about an inch and a half in diameter.


When I laid my eyes on them, I knew they had to be mine. When I got home I proudly put them on my windowsill and looked in awe. They were so cute; some were bright green and the others had a little purple in them. I have since transferred two of them to bigger pots and they doubled in size practically overnight. 


There are MANY reasons why you should go and buy succulents for your room, besides just the aesthetic appeal. 

succulent on white background
Scott Webb

One reason is that they can actually purify the air! Yep, just put one of these bad boys in your room and through photosynthesis they will remove toxins from the air! 


They can grow in practically any climate, so these plants are extremely tough and will even bloom in season. 


They are very low maintenance plants. Since succulents have thick, waxy leaves, they are able to retain water (Think of a cactus in a desert). Smaller plants only need to be watered about once a week and larger plants twice. One trick that I learned is that when you stick your finger into the soil, and it feels very dry, the plant could use some water. 


row of succulents
Photo by Margarita Terekhova on Unsplash


And the best part? They are SO cheap! I bought my succulents for about $2 each and the Aldi in Clemson sells baby succulents ranging from $2 – $5! 


And just to emphasize one more time: they are BEAUTIFUL. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and will amaze you with how they can transform!  


So, I hope I have successfully convinced you to go out and buy a succulent. Honestly, I hope you are running to your car right now to go buy your very own! It’s even okay if you didn’t get this far into the article because you were so excited to buy your own! And remember, don’t just buy one, buy seven ;)


Gabrielle is a senior majoring in communication with a minor in english. She loves coffee, traveling, her dogs, friends, and most of all her family. She is also a member of Central Spirit and love Saturdays in Death Valley.
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I am a sophomore Psychology major at Clemson! I love to write and I am passionate about mental illness and hope to pursue a career in counseling... but I also just love sunflowers, coffee, & naps :)