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Why We Love Our Spring Break Survival Kit

Opening the Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit Like…

A good skincare routine is sooo important and one of the most important steps is hydration! I love trying new skincare products and that is one of the reasons that I was so excited about our Innisfree samples in the Spring Break Survival Kit! We got samples of the following:

All of these products had green tea seed, which tends to be best-known for its brightening, anti-aging, and moisturizing properties. Green tea seed is rich in amino acids and minerals that hydrate the skin. According to Innisfree, “Fresh green tea makes the dry skin moist, and green tea seed oil gives water-retention effects to trap hydration deep in the skin for highly-moisturizing and highly-nourishing care.” 

If thhis doesn’t sound like enough, Innisfree is also a very environmentally conscientious company that I am proud to support! Innisfree not only focuses on using naturally-dervied ingredients, but also gives back to the community and conducts environmentally-friendly campaigns such as recycling and other coservsation efforts. These are some products that we have thoroughly enjoyed and definitely recommend checking out!

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Kate Freed

Clemson '21

Hi! My name is Kate Freed and I'm from Raleigh, NC. I'm a sophomore Communication major at Clemson University. I love all things fitness, food, and fashion. I teach kickboxing and barre and am passionate about motivating others to be their best selves.
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