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Why Everyone Should Watch Jane the Virgin

I see you. You have piles of homework sitting right in front of you, yet you decided to scroll through social media, which eventually led you to this page. No judgment though because I have the perfect idea to help you make the most of your “break”.



Since one of the first platforms we turn to relax is NETFLIX, this should be easy for most of you to access!



We all have our favorite shows and movies, but you’re definitely missing out if you haven’t tried watching the drama/comedy of Jane the Virgin!


The show centers on a young Latina, Jane, growing up in Miami, Florida who dreams of marrying her prince charming. Also, if you couldn’t tell from the title, she’s a virgin. Each episode highlights her struggles of being in a 21st century relationship while trying to “keep her flower” as her Abuela would say!



Jane’s plans are turned upside down, however, when she goes to the doctor for a check-up but ends up getting artificially inseminated by a billionaire/hotelier and one her long time crushes, Rafael.



The plot may sound odd at first, but Jane the Virgin has a little something for everyone watching. You’re bound to find something in your area of interest, for example, her struggle with balancing work and family.



Or you may connect with her dream to become an accomplished writer.



Or her relationship with her mom and grandma.



Or her cute relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Michael.



No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, Jane the Virgin is sure to give you a laugh! Now that you’re convinced, close this tab and log on to Netflix because you have four AMAZING seasons waiting for you!


Hemani Patel

Clemson '19

Hi readers! My name is Hemani Patel, and I am Senior Biochemistry major at Clemson University. When I'm not in the library (which is most of the time), I'm usually watching movies, with my friends, or practicing with my Bollywood fusion dance team! I'm also very adventurous, so I like to travel and be around new places and people.
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