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Who Put a Ring on it on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.
Demi Burnett & Kristian Haggerty

This couple made Bachelor Nation history when they were the first couple to introduce their love. The couple had been together before the show, and both agreed on Demi going to Paradise. After Demi developed a strong connection with contestant Derek Peth, she started to question her feelings. She admitted to thinking about her previous love back home: Kristian. Midway through the season, Kristian showed up to Paradise to give Demi the clarity she desired. Needless to say, their spark never went away. After spending the remaining weeks together on the beach and building on their relationship, they were one of the three couples that got engaged in the finale. A same-sex couple appearance AND an engagement? That’s 2-for-2 with ‘firsts’ in the Bachelor World, and we are loving it!

Dylan Barbour & Hannah Godwin

These two love birds were a solid couple from the beginning of Paradise. Dylan made it very clear that he came on the show to pursue a relationship with Hannah. After exploring their connection, contestant Blake Horstmann decided to also develop a relationship with Hannah. She had to figure out the love triangle between Dylan, who was clearly head over heels for her, and Blake, who had a reputation with many of the girls on Paradise. After she spent time with each guy, she chose Dylan. The remaining weeks of their love story show just how they feel about one another and how strong their relationship is. On the finale, Dylan proposed to Hannah and expressed his love for her. They are now happily engaged, and their love for one another is evident.

Katie Morton & Chris Bukowski

The love between this couple has definitely had its ups and downs. Chris has been on his fair share of Bachelor shows (which is a lot). He found love this season, but he had trouble showing his emotions after all the heartbreak he’s faced on these shows. Throughout their journey, he struggled to open up to Katie about how he truly felt about her. She, on the other hand, has no problem showing him how much she loves him. After their engagement, they seemed so happy and full of life. Then, on the reunion show, she mentioned that she was not wearing her engagement ring anymore. Katie brought up the fact that their relationship has not been easy because of Chris’ reservations. Once they talked about it on stage, they seemed to agree to work on their relationship. We will see what happens with this couple, but warm wishes and hope are being sent their way.

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