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Where to Go Next? The Best City to Live in After Graduation


Now I know what you’re thinking, who would ever want to leave Clemson?  But let’s face it; we won’t be in college forever.  Of course the idea of moving up and out into the real world can be a scary thought (especially for those graduating seniors), and you may not have any idea what’s coming next.  No need to worry though, we’ve got the top five picks of cities to live in after graduation.  Pay close attention, this may be where you end up in a few short months!

  1. Atlanta

To keep it close to home (or Clemson that is), Atlanta is a great city to try if you’re looking to stay in the south.  You’ll only be two hours or so from Clemson, so there’s nothing stopping you from coming back to cheer on your Tigers in the fall.  Atlanta has tons of unique and fun things to do- check out the Coca Cola Factory Museum downtown or maybe the Aquarium.  It’s a city bustling with people, but is also surrounded by adorable neighborhoods that look like they’re out of a story book (I’m talking ivy covered houses here).  It’s also an up and coming city for job employment, something I know we’re all worried about for after school.  With places like CNN and numerous hospitals, there’s an abundance of places to work.      

  1. District of Columbia (D.C.)

Partial to this great (and my favorite) city where I grew up, D.C. is a great place for a new graduate.  Come on, it’s our nation’s capital! This city is the perfect mix of both a relaxed and urban feel.  There are many open park areas; the national mall is a great place to hang out, it’ll be just like you’re on Bowman!  At the same time, there are still many parts of the city that are fast paced and thrilling.  With historic monuments everywhere you turn, there’s so much to be in awe of in D.C.  You’ll keep your brain working (yeah, I know you thought you were done with school) with tons of museums to go to, but there’s still a great nightlife to explore.  It’s also perfect for you Political Science majors who are looking for a place on Capitol Hill!      

  1. New York City

“The city that never sleeps”.  You’ve heard this phrase a million times, heard many songs about this city, and can recall endless movies set here.  New York may be one of the liveliest places you’ll find to go after Clemson.  Everything goes a mile a minute; there’s no way you’ll ever get bored.  And who knows who you might see when you’re running all over the city.  Celebs everywhere.  New York is also perfect for job opportunities, you can move there with almost any degree.  We love New York for its endless options, and you’ll be constantly discovering something new, whether it’s in your new career or on your social scene.  

  1. Charlotte

This choice also keeps you close to your second home, and in the beloved south.  Though you don’t see it much from the highway as you drive by, there’s a whole metropolis you aren’t expecting when you enter the city.  Though it’s a little smaller than some of our other choices, that doesn’t make it any less of a great option.  There’s lots to explore in this city, with numerous options of restaurants, shopping options, bars, and attractions for you to experience.  In a city like this you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a job, so what’s stopping you from moving here? 

  1. San Francisco  

Here’s an unconventional and unexpected choice, but where’s the fun in life if you never have any risk?  Take an adventure and fly out to California!  San Francisco is rated one of the best cities for college grads for its unique mix of people, vibrant scenery, and high number of young residents.  You’ll fit right in, whoever you are.  You never know what interesting things you’ll see when you’re walking the Golden Gate Bridge, one of our country’s famous landmarks, and this seems like a city where you’ll never fail to be entertained.  While just moving to the city is a risk in itself, living in it would also be an adventure.  What’s the harm in trying?    

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