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When the City Girl Moves to Clemson

When the City Girl Moves to Clemson
1. You wonder why there are so few ethnic restaurants
“Where’s the nearest Indian restaurant? What do you mean there isn’t one?” It 
takes some time to realize that you can’t just drive down the road to your favorite 
Ethiopian, Thai, or Brazilian restaurant. El Jim and Thaiger Café settle your 
cravings enough before you feel the need to drive all the way to Greenville for a 
decent Tikka Masala. 
2. “No Ubers Available” 
What does this even mean?? 
3. Your first time riding in the back of a pickup truck made you feel like Jasmine from Aladdin
THIS TRULY IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. You didn’t even care that your hair 
looked like ‘Cousin It’ from the Adams Family. You’ve just discovered that 
magic carpets do exist in the form of truck beds. 
4. You find out that there are, in fact, more than 6 stars in the night sky
Nothing made you feel smaller than sitting by a bonfire and staring up at what, to 
you, had always been a mostly black sky. Don’t talk to me, frat boy, I’m too busy 
enjoying the lack of light pollution.
5. City drivers suddenly seem mild and cautious compared to the drivers in Clemson.
This took you by quite a surprise. You had thought that by moving to a small 
town, rush hour traffic and hyper-aggressive drivers would be but a distant 
memory. Not only is downtown Clemson constantly jam packed with traffic, 
everyone drives as if there are no rules of the road whatsoever. Sir, did you really 
just drive up on the sidewalk and around the line of cars waiting at the light? 
6. You can safely leave your things at a table in a restaurant/coffee shop/library 
and there’s little to no threat of them being stolen.
God bless small towns for this. Everyone who’s ever had to pack up all of his or 
her things to go to the bathroom in a city coffee shop thanks you. 
7. Produce is amazingly cheap 
Ain’t nothin’ better than paying $1.67 for a massive bag of apples. Now what can 
you do about Mac and Cheese prices?
8. Your weird health foods that are normal and readily available in an urban 
setting get some strange looks now
You better get used to my kombucha and kale because they are going absolutely ~nowhere~
9. There are mountains all around for you to climb to the top of, and that’s just glorious
How in the world can the Freshman 15 exist when you only have to drive 30 
minutes (or less) to the nearest hiking trail? FYI, Groucho’s tastes way better at 
the top of Table Rock. 
10. You realize that after a while, this small town slowly becomes your new 
All those things to do once you’re back in the big city aren’t nearly as fun once 
you’re away from your fellow Tigers.
Junior Psychology major, English minor // I love hot yoga, mint tea, and waving at dogs // My cat and I are the real life Mia Thermopolis and Fat Louis
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