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If you went to the women's march last semester, you might be wondering what is next for the #CMETOO movement at Clemson and what the organization that led the march is doing. It’s On Us is the organization that led the march back in November, and they are an organization striving for a campus that supports survivors of interpersonal violence. 

They organized the march because Clemson wasn’t providing the necessary resources for survivors. Students marched in support of 90% of college student survivors who don’t feel safe reporting sexual assault and they wanted Clemson to create initiatives for support and prevention. 



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They had an update meeting a few weeks ago and just in case you missed it, exciting things are happening! For one, there is a new #CMETOO website up with a full timeline of the progress being made.

As of Friday, February 14th, Clemson has posted an Interpersonal Violence Response Coordinator position for hire! Progress is being made and voices are being heard! 



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Want to get more involved with the movement? The next member meeting is Tuesday, March 3rd. Follow It’s On Us on Instagram for updates! 

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