What’s the Deal With Sous Vide?

For busy college students with a fast-paced lifestyle but love to cook, sous vide might be for you! Traditionally used in restaurant settings, sous vide is rapidly gaining popularity among home cooks. Sous vide cooking (pronounced sue-veed) is a technique that involves a water bath under precise time and temperature control. The purpose is to obtain the exact level of doneness desired while eliminating the risk of overcooking or losing volume. It can be used for meats, side dishes, and desserts with a perfect result every time!


Sous vide is French for “under vacuum,” referring to the simple process of putting food in a sealed back, placing it in a water bath, and setting the precision cooking device to the time and temperature of desired doneness. Typically, the food is finished by pan searing or grilling to create a flavorful exterior, while the interior is perfectly cooked!  


The main benefit of sous vide cooking is that better results are created with less effort. Because the food cooks in its own juices, it remains moist and never dries out, leaving tasty and consistent results. For the chef, there are no worries about under or overcooking because once the food is brought up to temperature, it’s held there until your own convenience. Sous vide is an easy, low-maintenance cooking method that produces restaurant-quality results every time!