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What the Clemson Writing Center is All About

This past semester, I’ve been training to work as a Writing Fellow in Clemson’s Writing Center, and I’ve learned that the writing center is a much more meaningful place than I originally realized. It’s an amazing -- but perhaps underutilized -- resource on Clemson’s campus for all students.


Even though you might think of the writing center as being for people who are bad at writing, that’s not the case at all. The writing center is for any writer, no matter their skill level, major, class, or even what they are writing. It serves both undergraduate and graduate students, meaning tutors read and provide feedback on many different types of pieces. Any Clemson student who wants to improve their writing process is welcome in the writing center!

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You should never worry about being judged in the writing center. The Clemson Writing Center’s mission statement explains that “[their] purpose is to help students gain confidence in their writing, improve as communicators, and achieve their academic goals by providing high-quality, effective services in a supportive, inclusive environment.” We spent the entire semester in Writing Center Theory and Practice, our training course, learning about how we can be understanding and helpful tutors for any student, regardless of their background or ability level.


When I work with students in the writing center, the only thing that’s important to me in the session is that they genuinely want to work to improve. No matter if they start out as an amazing writer or if they think they’re terrible at writing, they just have to put their mind to making adjustments and they will be able to improve in their writing. I love having a good discussion with fellow writers where I can learn something too!


The Clemson Writing Center is there to give students more tools to use in their writing and to improve their confidence. Writing can be difficult, and vulnerable, and scary, especially in a college setting where assignments are judged so harshly. Tutors in the writing center are always waiting with open arms to help lighten that pressure. If you want to schedule an appointment or read more about the writing center, head to their website here! We would love to read your work and have a great discussion with you about it!


Gracie Boyce

Clemson '23

Gracie Boyce is a sophomore at Clemson University studying economics. She also enjoys playing violin, re-reading Harry Potter, traveling, and bullet journaling.
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