Watching the Natty As Told By Gifs


How do my professors expect me to go to class today?

Must watch every second of the ESPN broadcast

It's finally time to go to your friends to watch the game

And there is food everywhere


Finally kickoff!
Henry scores the first touchdown for Bama

But Deshaun comes right back with a TD to Renfrow

Bama missed the field goal

Clemson scores again and takes the lead

The refs messed up the clock


The teams go into half time tied at 14 points


When the score keeps going back and forth


And Bama did the onside kick


And time was running out

And you didn't know how to feel or react


Then Clemson brought the lead down to 5 points

But we didn't recover the onside kick

Then you realized it was the best season of your life

And you shouldn't be sad because the team killed it all year

We could not be prouder of our Tigers

C U in Tampa