Top 10 Makeup Tips and Tricks

Applying makeup can be such a tiring process. Your mascara runs, your foundation sweats off, your eyebrows smudge, and your lipstick smears. As a previous makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that could make you the next beauty MUA:

  1. It can ruin your day when you apply mascara to your bottom lashes just for it to smudge right beneath your eye and create a “morning after” look. The simple solution to this is to take a Q-tip and apply a small amount of your concealer on it. Next, gently pat and rotate the Q-tip under your eye. This will cover any mascara markings and apply an additional coat of protection for any dark circles!  If you haven’t applied mascara yet, using a plastic spoon underneath of your bottom eyelashes will help avoid smudge as well. However, make sure you keep the spoon held up to your eye until the mascara dries to prevent smudging! Who has time to take off their whole face of makeup? Not us!

  2. 2. Matte Lipstick

    Who doesn’t love a good matte lip? While they’re appealing on social media, matte lipstick is known for drying out your lips and causing them to crack. Use Aquaphor and Vaseline before and after you apply a matte lipstick for the best results. Even a dab of translucent powder after application will help keep the lipstick on. This provides hydration for your lips and makes removal easier!

  3. 3. Setting Spray vs. Powder: Use both!

    Powder can get the job done for sure; however, nothing feels better than a refreshing spray on your face after the workout of applying makeup. Setting spray will keep your makeup on for hours! It works well over powder products and even hydrates your face. My personal favorite setting spray is the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. This product can be bought at beauty stores such as Ulta and Sephora. Trust me, that eyeshadow won't budge with this setting spray.

  4. 4. Avoiding Peach Fuzz

    It’s okay to have hair on your face, but applying makeup over it can be a hassle. To make it less noticeable, try to apply your foundation in a downwards motion so the hairs don’t stick out as much. Shaving your face with a different razor and shaving cream also allows for smoother makeup application!

  5. 5. Blush 101

    Many people are under the impression that blush is applied after foundation. While this is often true, it tends to look painted on your face and does not look natural. For a more subtle glow, apply your blush before your foundation! It seems a bit weird; however, it will create a natural glow from within your face.

  6. 6. Eyebrow Lift

    If your eyes need a lift, apply a small amount of concealer or highlighter under the arch of your eyebrows and blend it in with a small brush. This will improve the structure of your eyebrows and brighten your eyes! If your eyebrows tend to budge easily, use a clear eyebrow gel from Sephora or Ulta to keep them in place.

  7. 7. Bright Colored Eyeshadow

    We love a girl that stands out. Your eyeshadow should stand out, too! Sometimes, the pigmentation in the eyeshadow does not “pop” as much as we want it to, especially with brighter colors. To fix this, start with a white eyeshadow base and then apply the bright color.

  8. 8. Cleaning Your Brushes

    I personally like to clean my brushes each time I apply makeup. If you don’t clean your brushes, you could have last week’s makeup all over your face. Dirty brushes also carry bacteria, which can cause acne or slight rashes. Use a mild shampoo or a brush cleaner and rub them gently under warm water.

  9. 9. Broken Products

    Nothing hurts more than dropping one of your palettes on the ground and having the product fall apart. If you’ve broken any powder product, you can easily fix it by putting rubbing alcohol inside of the container and allowing the alcohol to evaporate. I recommend letting it sit overnight. It will look brand new in the morning and will save you another trip to the makeup store.

  10. 10. Clumpy Mascara

    It seems we still haven’t created a mascara that doesn’t clump. No matter how hard we try, it’s always a burden. To help loosen your mascara and decrease clumping, pour two or three drops of Visine eye drops into your mascara and mix it in with the mascara wand. This will help un-clump the mascara and give you long, beautiful lashes.

These can be life-saving tips, especially for a girl on the move!