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#ThrowbackThursday Halloween Edition

If we Throwback Thursday to exactly one week ago, we can relive Halloween all over again.  We all know that the best part of Halloween is the costumes, and at everyone actually looks forward to going to class on October 31 for one reason-

Pledge costumes.

Halloween is the one day of the year where you actually DON’T avoid the over packed library bridge walk way, in fact most students even change their route to class on this day to catch a glimpse of the ridiculous, sometimes embarrassing, and always hilarious fraternity pledge costumes all over campus. 

It was hard to miss the giant yellow banana running around campus.  How he didn’t end up on Clemson Eats Bananas I have no idea (honestly no one is safe from that Twitter account).  It was harder to miss the giant gorilla chasing around the banana.  It was even harder to miss safari hunter who was chasing both the gorilla and his lunch around the school.  The three were so fast in their race for survival that you just couldn’t snap a picture of them.    

What does the fox say?!  It was also hard to miss the sounds of the fox pledge yelling on library bridge.  If you didn’t know what the fox said before Halloween, you do now.

While on the subject of animals, one guy made sure to pay a tribute to our favorite, crazy little Clemson squirrel friends. Sitting in a tree and all.  Luckily he was a little more laid back than some of his furry friends that we see (or are stalked by) on campus. 

My personal favorite was the Buckingham Palace style guards, protecting our favorite building on campus, Cooper Library.  Props to these guys, who were unwavering and stone-faced all day long.  At least we know the library is safe right?

The Forest Gump pledge executed his character role perfectly, waiting on a bench for the CatBus, box of chocolates and all.  He was even dressed to advertise some Bubba Gump Shrimp! I guess Halloween for pledges is like a box of chocolates, you never know what costume you’re gonna get.

 We’d also like to recognize creative, yet ever creepy freshman-girl-dorm gargoyle pledge.  Yeah, we know why you’re really perched outside of Manning all day long…Still, this one is another classic Halloween favorite at Clemson.   

And last, let’s all take a minute to remember speed bump pledge, who got his fifteen minutes of fame on TFM.  Think any of Halloween 2014’s costumes can top this one?  

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