Things to Try Alone

Things to Try Alone

A lot of you probably spent this past Valentine’s Day with your significant other or just decided to have a night out/in with some of your best friends. If you did either of these things, you know that spending time with people you love can really help you unwind, but you should also take some time for yourself. This may be easy for an introvert, but if you are an extrovert, this may seem like a foreign thought. I know it can be hard to do things alone without feeling lonely, so I find it important to try and do some things that get your mind comfortable with the idea. Over the years, I’ve been doing this to help me take my mind off things, and the best part is that they work just as well as a night out with friends.


1. Go to the Movies

It may seem weird, but honestly, some of the most secure people I have met in my life do this. Sometimes watching a movie on the big screen without having to worry about others is just what you need to submerse yourself in a story.



2. Go to a Coffee Shop

Another way to take some time for yourself is by exploring new areas. One thing you can do is find yourself a coffee shop to sit back, read, or get some work done. This is a win-win because you can spend some time alone and be productive at the same time.



3. Go on a Walk

This is one of my favorite things to do as we have the perfect, beautiful campus for it. My favorite place to go for some quiet time is the dike by the Esso Club. It’s a small secluded area with a small private “beach” and amazing view of Lake Hartwell.



4. Cook/Bake

There’s nothing more comforting than food! One thing I love to do is pretend I can bake. Everything you make may not come out as it appears on Pinterest, but trying new recipes is the only way to improve!



5. Teach Yourself Something New

Whether it’s a card trick or a yoga pose, the range of possibilities with this one is endless. I learned I loved to dance only after I came to college because I was able to step out of my comfort zone and do something for myself. You will not only impress others with your new talent, but you just might learn something new about yourself on the way.