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Student Body President Maddy Thompson


Clemson University’s Student Body President Maddy Thompson


1.     What is your favorite part about being The Undergraduate Student Body President?

a.     “When I go into a meeting and an administrators’ mind is made up and I get to go in and change their mind. I get to explain what the student’s want, why they want it, and then I get to see the administrator change their mind. Knowing I can be that representative for the students is great.”

2.     What else are you involved with on campus?

a.     “I am a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority here at Clemson, a Blue Key Honor society member, and am a Tiger brotherhood member. Balancing all of that is easier now because I dedicated myself to the students and made being Undergraduate Student Body President my number one priority. The hardest thing was when I was a junior and was involved in so much and had no time. I was involved in so many different things, but this year taking a step back and focusing on the students has been so rewarding.”

3.     What are your plans for after graduation? Do you graduate this May?

a.     “Currently I am torn. I am considering going straight into the workforce for a little bit but, I also just took the LSAT. So now after getting my results back and knowing what I want to do, I have to make a decision. I am a senior here, which is unfortunate because I have come to realize it is the year of lasts for me being a Clemson University undergraduate.”

4.     Program of Study here at Clemson? Do you see yourself carrying on the tradition of being involved in government?

a.     “I am a political science major and am obtaining my minor in economics. Well you know living politics is different than working in politics. When you are living in the political lifestyle your friends and family get caught up in it. I don’t want to limit those around me because of what I do, but I also want to have an impact. I definitely think that I may run one day, who knows, that could definitely be a possibility. However, what I truly want to do is litigate.”

5.     What is one thing we should know about you?

a.     “In second grade we had to write letters to Santa. I wrote that I wanted my older sister to be nicer to me. So in return I offered that if she was nicer to me, I wouldn’t make fun of her when she got her braces on. That letter then got published in the local paper. So there is the story about the first time I was published.”

6.     What is the most rewarding thing you have experienced during your term, thus far?

a.     “Helping people and being able to make an impact for the students. Looking out at Clemson and knowing we are making a difference. Watching Core Campus being built behind my office is a great feeling. I went to Columbia and I advocated for that. So getting to watch that, seeing it develop, and knowing how greatly it will impact our campus, is the greatest reward thus far.”

7.     Favorite thing about Clemson?

a.     “The experience. Where else can you go to a school with 17,000 students but everywhere you walk you can intimately know every person. We are a family here and we are closer than other schools I have visited. My parents went here, my uncle went here, but being here I have more than that family connection. I will always have my Clemson family.” 



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From Orange County, CA Staff Writer for The Tiger Newspaper Member of Sigma Kappa, Kappa Pi Chapter Played volleyball for Clemson University
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