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Steven Patrick: Building a Better Clemson

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Major/Minor: Biosystems Engineering/Accounting and Lyceum Fellows

Year: Sophomore

Favorite Clemson Tradition: Tigerama

What made you want to come to Clemson?

Honestly, I wasn’t completely sold on Clemson until my freshman year. My experiences and the people I met really made me 100% “ALL IN” for Clemson. By the end of my freshmen year, I was already dreading graduation.


What organizations are you involved in on campus?

I’m involved in student government as well as being a tour guide for Clemson University. In addition, I’m a member of Lyceum Fellows and the Calhoun Honors College.


Why did you choose to become a part of CUSG?

I did student government in high school, so when I came to college, the idea was comfortable. However, I have stayed because of the mentors and lifelong friends that I have met through CUSG. I felt the Clemson family right away as members took me under their wing and began to guide me.


What positions have you held on CUSG, and what have you done on the senate?

I have been a floor senator and executive clerk. I recently got elected to serve as president of protemp this coming term. As for senate work, I currently assist the president in whatever he needs. I also handle all legislatures. I read through documents, discuss ideas, and check grammar. In addition, I make sure senators are aware of legislation passed that pertain to their department. As a member of the executive committee on senate, I help make big decisions in what legislation will be passed. 

Why do you think CUSG is important to the community?

I think student government is one of the most powerful vehicles for impact on campus. To have the direct ear of administers on campus is a unique opportunity to see that their concerns and initiatives are directly brought to administration. It’s also a healthy indicator to the quality of student lie on campus. It’s not just about funding. The most powerful discussion on campus starts with student government. It’s that spark that can be brought across campus.


With the recent election season ending this week, what do you hope the new CUSG administration prioritizes during their term?

First, I think transparency is an important issue. It’s not so much that student government is behind cloaks, but that student government doesn’t explain what it does to the student body as a whole. I would like to see our work communicated to the student body. In addition, I would really like to promote student interest by getting more student organization involved in CUSG and polling. In this coming year, I would like to see CUSG redefine itself to the student body.


What does a typical week look like for you?

Oh goodness don’t ask me that, do you want to see my Google calendar? In all seriousness though, a belief of mine is that we are here to get a higher education rather than just a degree. I spend more time with school organizations than academic coursework every week. My mornings are full of class, my afternoon of meetings, and nights of homework. School and student organizations are about equal in my prioritization. I’m at Clemson for experiences that are not purely academic.


How do you manage your various commitments?

I live through my Google calendar as well as todolist.com. Everything that I need is on those two. They are everything to me.

What is a quote that you live by?

I really live by three. “Fake it till you make it,” “To have friends you got to be a friend,” and “its better to ask forgiveness than ask permission.”


What do you hope to do after graduation?

I care about environmental policies, so I’d like to work on the future of sustainable agriculture. I want to make commercial agriculture in America into better environmental stewards.

Caitlin Barkley is currently a senior at Clemson University pursuing a degree in both Biology and Psychology. In 2016-2017, she served as the Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Clemson after joining her freshman year. She is also an ambassador with the Calhoun Honors College, a teacher with Clemson Dancers, and a member of Tiger Strut Dance Company. Caitlin is a colonizing member of the South Carolina Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi, and she serves as the current Chapter President. A few of her favorite things include coffee, her Clemson ring, and fuzzy blankets! Follow her on Instagram @c_barkley19
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