Spring Break as told by the Presidential Candidates

It may seem like this presidential election is just one giant circus, but the candidates actually have some pretty deep insights into what it means to be on spring break.


When your parents finally approve your spring break plan:



After booking the trip you hesitantly check your bank account.



But soon you forget about it because you’re going somewhere warm with your best friends.



You finally get to the beach and hear your favorite song playing.



Your mom calls for the first time and asks a million questions about the place.


When your friend has a crush on two guys and you’re trying to help her decide which is better:


When one of your friends says the beach is too sandy:


So she asks you if you would want to order poolside margaritas instead that day.


When you’re having a lot of fun, but also trying to be a good member of society:


And you keep getting e-mails from Clemson telling you to stay hydrated.



Someone randomly asks you what day of the week it is.


When it comes time to leave, you all agree that this week was perfect.



The first day back to class is depressing, but then someone says, “Where’d you go? You’re so tan!”