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Spring Break Forever!

Spring Break Forever!
Once spring break is over and you’re back on campus going to class, writing papers, 
and staying up all night (in the library), you’ll wish more then ever you could be 
back on the beach with your friends! Make your spring break last with these fun, 
cute, and easy memorabilia ideas!
– Create a #hashtag for your SBK group to use in all the Instagrams that are 
posted over the trip! This way everyone’s pictures can be easily viewed all 
together in one place when reminiscing and stocking social media after break 
as the best for of procrastination
– Try and get a hold of an old Polaroid camera to bring! This way you can take 
fun pics all day and night and night, that physically come out right away for 
– A spring break scrapbook would be the ultimate souvenir, with not only 
pictures but  even things like plane tickets, or a menu from the weeks best 
– Its likely that youll be having so much fun you wont constantly realize what a 
beautiful place your in! Try to pic up a shell, some white sand, sea glass or 
other tropical treasures you don’t find at Clemson. Put them in a jar and sit it 
above your desk or somewhere else in your room to remind you of the good 
– The best way to really re-live spring break is a video montage. Take random 
videos of anything throughout and put them together in a slide show with the 
songs that you and your friends listened to over the week. Even have 
everyone you went with over to watch the final product. Get some drink 
umbrellas, sit back, relax, and imagine you never left!
Megan Knightly Clemson Univeristy
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