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Rainbow Brows: Your New Favorite Festival Look

Festival season is here, and it’s one of my favorite times of the year because it gives me an excuse to wear out-of-the-box makeup looks that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  And this year has brought one of my favorite festival makeup trends EVER.  Allow me to introduce you to rainbow brows, your new favorite colorful look.



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I’m in love with this trend!  Rainbow brows are that colorful yet understated look that I believe anyone can pull off, not to mention create.  If you’re scared of doing those super over-the-top looks with jewels and glitter that you’ll probably still find on your skin a week-and-a-half later, this is the perfect look to dip into festival makeup.  Though this might look slightly intimidating to recreate for beginners to makeup, I promise it’s actually super easy and doesn’t use that many products!

Here’s how to join in on this trend.  First, you’re going to want to brush out your brows with a spoolie just to give yourself a tamer base to work with.

Next, take a concealer in your shade and a flat brush.  You’re going to define the lower edge of your brows, actually going slightly into your brow hair.  This is going to give us a guide and a nice base for our colors to stick to.

Now, you’re going to pull out your rainbow eyeshadows.  Feel free to get creative here!  Use three or four colors – or the whole rainbow.  Take a small eyeliner or slanted brush and start to pack on each color in the order you want.  Try to think about spacing for however many colors you plan on doing.  There’s nothing worse than accidentally running out of space!

This is going to be the most important step.  Take a small smudger brush, lightly coat it with your first color, and blend the first color into the second until everything looks like a smooth gradient.  You’re going to repeat this process until you have a gorgeous, seamless rainbow gradient under your brow.

Finally, clean up the underside of your rainbow with your concealer to get that snatched brow outline. Then, set everything with a clear brow gel to make sure it stays all day.



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There you go!  I love to pair this look with a plain eye or maybe black winged eyeliner and some mascara or falsies.  This look also goes well with almost any outfit (you do have all the colors of the rainbow to work with after all), so you’ll look bomb no matter what you wear.  Now, go live your best life at festivals knowing you’re rocking a cute look that’s gonna grab all the likes on your next Insta post!

MegAnn is a junior genetics major at Clemson University. She is currently part of the Calhoun Honors College, involved in cancer and genetics research, and the events director for HC Clemson. You can find her spending too much time in the life science building, trying to convince her friends to be SFX makeup models, and spending time with her roommates and their dog.
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