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Quinn Carty’15

Quinn Carty’15 
1. Major: Sociology
2. Hometown: Orange County, California
3. Why you chose Clemson University: Well, I always knew I wanted to go 
somewhere new for college and when I was being recruited in high school, 
for volleyball, Clemson fell into the pile. I took two visits and immediately 
knew that this was going to be my new family. The way that everyone smiled 
and was happy to be on campus is immediately what made the decision so 
easy. Even when I was told I would have to retire from college volleyball, I 
never would have left this place. 
4. Favorite thing about writing for Her Campus Clemson– Gosh I love writing for 
Her Campus because you can talk to interesting people, find stories you want 
to write about, give advice to young, beautiful women. 
5. What else are you involved in on campus? Well, with trying to graduate in 
three years, I had to slack off a bit this semester with my 21 hours constantly 
kicking my butt. However, I also write for the Tiger and work part time for 
the New Student and Family Programs Office. 
6. Favorite Clemson restaurant/bar- Well favorite restaurant for sure is BGR!! I 
walk in and they start making my food for me before I have even gotten to 
the register. I have a ton of food allergies and BGR literally is the only place I 
can eat in Clemson! But favorite bar… toughy because I love to be relaxed and 
hang out at TD’s, but always ultimately end up at 356 for the cool drinks and 
7. What do you do in your free time? I spend a lot of time watching Netflix, 
obviously, but I work out at Fike any chance I can, I also love going and sitting 
out on Y Beach and just relaxing. 
8. Favorite place to go in Clemson?  I am always down to go downtown! Whether it is with 
the girls or just my fiancé, I am always ready to have some fun! 
9. Celebrity crush: hmmm… Is there such thing as too many? If I had to narrow 
it down to one it would most definitely be Brad Pitt. He will never go out of 
10. Favorite Clemson tradition: Singing the Alma Mater after pretty much any 
event. There is something about it that just gives me chills! 
11. Ideal/best first date you have been on: I was randomly picked up one 
morning and told we were going to get breakfast. Instead I get in the car and 
there is an Acai bowl with pineapple waiting for me. Then we headed down 
to the beach for hours. We ate some tacos on the sand and then ended up 
going to a super fancy restaurant in our beach clothes and everyone was 
staring at us! It was awesome lol 
12. What do you want to do in your career? I would love to go into marketing 
and eventually work my way into sports. I come from a very much sport 
oriented family and location, so that is a dream. 
13. Current favorite fashion trend? I am loving the cut out tanks with bright 
colored bralettes with some denim shorts and a structured hat! 
From Orange County, CA Staff Writer for The Tiger Newspaper Member of Sigma Kappa, Kappa Pi Chapter Played volleyball for Clemson University
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