Okay But Why is Shein's Sweater Dress Game So Strong?


Allow me to interrupt your regularly scheduled cram session to point out how strong Shein’s sweater dress game is.

If you aren’t familiar with Shein, they’re an online company similar to FashionNova and Lulu's that pride themselves in being trendy and low cost. I was on the hunt for a cute sweater dress for an upcoming holiday party when I stumbled upon Shein’s wide variety. Sweater dresses combine the fun of dresses with the coziness that we love about sweaters. So, I just want to take a moment to highlight the cute and affordable options Shein has to offer. 


  1. You can rock the little black dress this season and not freeze to death!

    Available for $31.00

  2. Who knew the block look could be this cute?!

    Available for $20.00. 

  3. I’m not 100% sure what's going on, but I like it!

    Available for $20.00.

  4. The soft grey and the belt -- it’s everything!

    Available for $28.00.

  5. 5. The Gigot Sleeve Turtleneck

    How could you not love?!

    Available for $25.00.

  6. Date night? Christmas party? Girls night? This dress would be perfect for any occasion!

    Available for $16.00.

  7. A dress with pockets goes straight to the check-out bag! 

    Available $26.00.

  8. Perfect for strutting into the new year! And with sleeves like that, you’ll stand out in the best way!

    Available for $30.00.


Shein’s got hundreds of styles in dozens of colors with decent reviews! They’ve got everything a sweater dress loving girl could want! Now, back to your regularly scheduled studying.